About Dr Jeff


Who I Am:

My name is Dr. Jeff Sawyer and I am proud to call Queensbury, New York, the town I was born and raised, home for my family and my practice. I attended New York Chiropractic College (NYCC) in Seneca Falls, NY. This allowed me to remain close to home as my then girlfriend, and now wife, Jenna was at home working on her masters for literacy. Jenna is now a teacher at a local school district.  While in school my focus was working with athletes. I was a part of NYCC’s sports program and traveled around the northeast attending events where high-caliber college athletes were competing and provided them with chiropractic care. In an already intense course load, I made it a priority to go above and beyond for which I was able to receive an advanced certificate in Sports Science and human performance. Upon graduating, I joined a family Chiropractic practice. My early focus on athletes has given me a unique breadth of knowledge and skills that is directly relevant to family Chiropractic. I provide my patients (young and old) a personalized approach that is unmatched. I continue to work with athletes of all levels and am currently the team Chiropractic for the Adirondack Thunder hockey team. Our lives changed in amazing ways on April 5, 2017, when Jenna and I welcomed our first child, Kennedy Grace Sawyer. Kennedy Was born 4 weeks early and developed colic after birth. Kennedy has been under my Chiropractic care since birth. Her colic subsided after two months of Chiropractic adjustments. She is a thriving happy baby, that sleeps through the night—thanks to chiropractic. I believe everybody—any age, height, weight or sex can benefit from seeing a chiropractor. The diversity of my practice begins with being able to help people from many different backgrounds and perspectives get back to the lives that they enjoy.

What I Do:

My job as a chiropractor is very simple, assess your spine for subluxations. If subluxations are present I adjust the spine back into its normal position. You may be asking, “what is a subluxation?”. There are 24 vertebra from the base of your head all the way down to your pelvis. Over time from daily wear and tear or sometimes from a bigger accident (motor vehicle, concussion, slip and fall etc..) these bones can shift out of place. The problem happens when a hard bone shifts so far out of position that it puts pressure on the soft nerve that exits the spine in between the vertebra. The Central nervous system is the master computer for your entire body. It is constantly assessing and adapting to changing internal and external environments. It assesses and makes changes to the body using the nerves as the conduit to do so. When there is pressure, crushing down on the nerves these changing can’t effectively be made. This is when your body will develop a symptom, For some or maybe even most, pain and loss of range of motion is the primary symptom to occur. For others subluxation can manifest as headaches, asthma, allergies, GI tract dysfunction, uroitogential dysfunction, weakened immune response…and the list goes on. Having your spine assessed for subluxations is a way to ensure and know your body is functioning at its optimal potential.


Why I Do It:

To be a simple as possible— I want to see every person under my care get back to the life they want to live, without the need for unnecessary prescriptions drugs or surgeries. Having seen people under care stop taking addictive pain killers, acid reflux medication, headache medications, etc. and not receiving spinal surgery that they thought was inevitable is the most rewarding part of being a chiropractor.

How I Do It:

On your first visit, my office will gather all the information we need to properly assess your spine. This includes a thorough history, full neurological and orthopedic exam, and appropriate images of your spine. With all the information gathered, I will sit down with you and put together a plan that will allow you to get your life back on track. On the second visit, I will show and teach you how to read your spinal images and tell you the plan that will get your spine and nervous system functioning the way it was designed to. Typically a series of spinal adjustments are needed in order to remove subluxations and retrain the spine to hold the new position. Adjustments are what a chiropractor uses to remove the nervous system interference and thereby alleviating your symptoms. Adjustments are NOT once size fits all. I will tailor the adjustments to exactly what your individual body needs. I adjust every body from infants, athletes, seniors and everybody in between so giving one a type/style of adjustment just doesn’t work. Its all about you.


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